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You can get pregnant after delivery even if you are not having regular periods and if you are breastfeeding. You should think about a birth control plan before you go home from the hospital.

It is recommended that you use condoms with foam. You can buy both at a pharmacy. If your doctor has ordered birth control pills for you, you should use another form of birth control (such as foam and condoms) for the first month until your menstrual periods become regular.

After your six-week checkup, you may return to your choice of birth control. Keep in mind that some forms of birth control affect breastfeeding. Discuss the options for ongoing birth control with your doctor or nurse midwife.

Mothers of Preemies

Family planning is also important for moms of preemies. Many women feel overwhelmed after preterm birth. While it can be hard to think about yourself, it is important to take control of your reproductive life. This includes using appropriate birth control methods and getting pregnant again only when you are ready to get pregnant.