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Feeling tired after having a baby is normal. Get as much rest as possible and try napping when your baby sleeps. Gradually increase your activities as you feel up to it. If you have had a cesarean birth, you have also had major surgery. Limit your activity to caring for your baby and giving your body time to recover.

  • Do not pick up anything that causes strain or discomfort in your stomach.
  • Limit your daily activities to caring for the baby and light housework.
  • You may go up stairs.
  • Do not strain your stomach. Your skin will heal quickly, but the muscle underneath takes longer.
  • Avoid swimming pools until vaginal bleeding has stopped.
  • You can resume driving about a week after a vaginal birth or three weeks after a cesarean birth.

If you have received stitches as part of an episiotomy, that area may be uncomfortable. Try soaking gauze pads in cold Witch Hazel and place on a maxi pad for 10 to 20 minutes or sitting in a sitz bath or tub of warm water for 20 minutes, three times a day. Use whatever non-aspirin medication your physician has recommended on your discharge instructions.