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Stay in the Shade

When the weather permits, it is fine for you and your baby to enjoy the fresh air. Because baby's skin is tender, however, avoid direct sun exposure during his or her first year. 

To protect your baby's skin from the sun, you can:

  • Keep the baby in the shade or covered before six months of age. Do not use sunscreen for the first six months.
  • Use a bonnet or hat to keep the baby's head and ears covered.
  • After six months of age, apply sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher every time you bring the baby outside. Reapply every 60 to 90 minutes. The sunscreen you use should be PABA free and made specifically for babies.
  • Take your baby with you into a store. Do not leave him or her in a parked, closed car even for a few minutes. Heat stroke can occur and even lead to death. Heat stroke can also occur if the baby is overdressed in the heat.
  • Dress your baby in warm clothing in the cold weather, remembering to cover his or her head. Use the rule of one – put on the same number of layers that you are wearing, plus one additional layer.

If your baby gets sunburned, call his or her health care provider. A mild burn for an adult could be serious for your baby. Babies can burn even on overcast days.