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Before you Leave

  • Choose a health care provider for your baby.
  • Fill out and hand in your birth worksheet.
  • Arrange for a ride home and a car seat for your baby.
  • Check your car seat to be sure it is installed correctly. Women & Infants' valet parking and security personnel are certified to install and check the security of the car seat when you are discharged.
  • If you haven't brought an outfit and blanket for your baby to go home in, have them brought to you.
  • If you haven't brought an outfit and your comfortable shoes to wear home from the hospital, have them brought to you.
  • If it is hard for you to get a ride home after a morning discharge, please talk with your health care provider about the possibility of going home the evening before.

At Women & Infants, discharge is at 11 a.m. Please arrange transportation in advance so you will be ready to go home at that time. The person driving you home should arrive by 10:30 a.m. Our free valet service at the main entrance will park the car.

Someone from Central Patient Registration will call or come to your room before your expected discharge. At that time, a financial counselor will verify that the financial arrangements are in order for your hospital stay. If you have not been cleared by a financial counselor, please stop at the Business Office on the first floor when you are discharged.

If you have a vaginal delivery, you can expect to go home on the first or second day after you have delivered your baby. If you have a cesarean section, you can expect to go home on the third or fourth day after your baby has been born.

Additional Information

  • You can talk to your health care provider about having your baby boy circumcised the day or night before you plan to go home. This will help prevent a delay in your discharge.
  • Breastfeeding support services are available after discharge. Please call the Women & Infants Warm Line at 1-800-711-7011. You can also visit Nursing Moms, Etc., a specialty store located on the hospital's first floor. The store offers breastfeeding supplies, clothing, and special items for mom and baby.

Early Maternal Discharge Home Visits

Many new mothers choose to recover from childbirth in the hospital. But, if you and your baby are both healthy, you may bond more quickly at home. Women & Infants offers home visits for mothers who decide to be discharged early.

Early Maternal Discharge Home Visits replace some of the recovery time in the hospital with a personal visit in your home by a registered nurse specially trained in maternal child health.


  • Being at home brings your family and the new baby closer together.
  • The nurse provides health exams and educational support to you and your baby.
  • Your health care provider and your baby's health care provider are kept informed of your progress.

You are eligible for an Early Maternal Discharge Home Visit covered by your insurance if you:

  • Meet discharge criteria in your insurance plan.
  • Are discharged by your primary care provider and/or pediatrician and leave the hospital one day before your expected day of discharge.

If your insurer does not cover home visits, you can pay for the service on your own.

If you would like to schedule an Early Maternal Discharge Home Visit, let your nurse on the postpartum unit know within 24 hours of your baby's birth. While you are still in the hospital, your medical record will be reviewed to confirm your eligibility for early discharge, and you will be contacted to schedule your home visit.

Once you are home, you will receive a follow-up call from a nurse. A home health nurse experienced in maternal and child health will then visit approximately 48 hours after your discharge from the hospital. During this visit, the nurse will conduct a thorough and complete assessment of you and your baby and help with your physical and educational needs as a new mother.